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Strategic stages

In the strategic phases, steps are taken to involve the future activities of the partners.

A plant breeding project consists of two strategic parts.

The first part is the working out of the project protocol: participants specify the requirements, they define the objective to be achieved, and they decide on the duration of their involvement. The second part is the evaluation of results, which enables the actors to come to a decision on the future of the project and their own participation.

Based on the relative issues central to the realisation of these phases, we have attempted to come up with methods or tools designed to formalise the implementation of these phases and ensure their success:

- systematic or 'actionnist' analyses for identifying the relevant actors

- Efforts to understand the involment of the actors in ordertoassess the relevance of a working partnership or, more generally, to identify the organisational modes and working methods conducive to collective action.

- Diagnostic of constraints for determining the objective and the selection criteria?

- An analytical project grid to facilitate the assimilation of evaluation results ?

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