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Dissemination phase

Seed production is the next logical stage of a breeding program. Its success contributes to the impact of the preceding phases and to the program as a whole.

The challenges of seed dissemination can be illustrated through the issues linking diagnostics, action and participation:

- How do you explain the initial situation, taking into account the local actors with their exchange practices , their knowledge, and their expertise, in addition to identifying those elements that could be improved with outside help?

- How do you help the local actors to express their main objectives ?

- How do you support the organisation of the seed systems without losing sight of the main objectives? In particular, is it possible to argue that the formal systems and the informal systems complement one another?

- How do you share the results of PPB in a way that satisfies all parties involved?

- With regard to the long-term management of genetic resources, how does one assess the effects of the dissemination of improved genetic material on genetic diversity ?

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