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Views on Participatory Plant Breeding
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Implementation stages

The participants of the PPB project implement the necessary measures for achieving the objectives negotiated during the strategic phase.

The implementation of the four stages central to a PPB project pose certain scientific questions which can only be resolved through the creation of new knowledge or the mobilisation of existing know-how among those actors with broad experience or local knowledge.

- How do you choose genetic resources that fit with the objectives of the PPB project: good genotypes, local and exotic genetic resources which complement one another?

- Utilising strategies that reconcile negotiation with experimentation, how do handle local knowledge, local practices and local expertise in a way that optimises the roles of the breeders as well as the ‘non-breeders’?

- How do you identify strategies (experimental and human) that can raise the expectations of genetic progress, while at the same time making allowances for the biology of the species as well as the environmental or financial constraints? In particular, how does one expectations of genetic gain when combining on-station and decentralised breeding strategies?

- How do you assess genetic variability in the in situ strategies without control of the pedigree?

- How do you improve the performance of crops through plant breeding while also preserving genetic diversity?

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