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Welcome to this website dedicated to Participatory Plant Breeding (PPB).

Here you can find out about the activities being carried out by a small group of European researchers (mainly French) belonging to several institutions (CIRAD , INRA and other), and who are working in close collaboration with farmer groups or organizations to develop partnership-based varieties.

Most of the scientific papers you will find here are in English, but you will find a few in French and Spanish too.


Symposium EUCARPIA ---> Plant breeding for organic and sustainable , low-input agriculture : dealing with genotype-environment interactionsWageningen, 7 – 9 November 2007

EUCARPIA OPB Symposium Nov07 1rst announcement1.pdf [85.11 kB]

New publications of the research group

  • Deu M., Weltzien E., Calatayud C., Traoré Y.,  Bazile D., Gozé E., Trouche G., vom Brocke K. 2014.  How an improved sorghum variety evolves in a traditional seed system in Mali: Effects of farmers’ practices on the maintenance of phenotype and genetic composition. Field crops research 167 : 131-142. Doi
  • Helping farmers adapt to climate and cropping system change through increased access to sorghum genetic resources adapted to prevalent sorghum cropping systems in Burkina Faso . vom Brocke K., Trouche G., Weltzien E., Kondombo-Barro C.P., Sidibe A., Zougmoré R., Gozé E. 2014. Experimental agriculture , 50  (2 ) : 284-305. Doi
  • Comparing decentralized participatory breeding with on-station conventional sorghum breeding in Nicaragua: II. Farmer acceptance and index of global value .Trouche G., Lançon J., Aguirre Acuña S., Castro Briones B., Thomas G. 2012. Field crops research , 126  : 70-78. Doi
  • Comparing decentralized participatory breeding with on-station conventional sorghum breeding in Nicaragua: I. Agronomic performance.  Trouche G., Aguirre Acuña S., Castro Briones B., Gutiérrez Palacios N., Lançon J., 2011. Field Crops Research 121, 19-28  Doi
  • On-farm assessment of clonal introduction of root crops diversity in Vanuatu, Melanesia.  Camus P., Lebot V., 2010.Experimental Agriculture 46 (4), 541-559.  lien Doi
  • Participatory variety development for sorghum in Burkina Faso: farmers’ selection and farmers’ criteria.  vom Brocke, K., Trouche, Weltzien, E., Barro Kondombo, C.P., Gozé, E., Chantereau, J., 2010. Field Crops Research 119, 183-194 . Doi
  • Participatory depression: a caveat for participatory research approaches.  Vaughan, G., Lançon, J., 2010. Proc ISDA congress, Montpellier (France), 28/06-1/07 2010   Vaughan and Lancon 2010.pdf [635.61 kB]
  • Pluralité des agricultures biologiques : enjeux pour la construction des marchés, le choix des variétés et les schémas d’amélioration des plantes.  D. Desclaux, Y. Chiffoleau, J.M. Nolot, 2009. Innovations Agronomiques 4, 297-306  41-Desclaux et al 2009.pdf [408.91 kB]
  • Developments in breeding cereals for organic agriculture.  Wolfe, M.S., Baresel, J.P., Desclaux, D., Goldringer, I., Hoad S., Kovacs G., Loschenberger, F., Miedaner, T., Østergard, H., Lammerts van Bueren, E.T., 2008. Euphytica 163-3, 323-346   Doi
  • Changes in the Concept of Genotype x Environment Interactions to fit Agriculture Diversification and Decentralized Participatory Plant Breeding. Pluridisclipinary Point of View.  Desclaux D., Nolot, J.M., Chiffoleau, Y., Gozé, E., Leclerc C, 2008. Euphytica, 163-3, 533-546  Doi


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