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Dominique Desclaux

Courriel : desclaux@supagro.inra.fr

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Chiffoleau, Y., Desclaux, D., 2006. Participatory plant breeding: the best way to breed for sustainable agriculture? International Journal of Sustainable Agriculture- 4 (2) 119-130

IJAS2012.pdf [151.22 kB]

Desclaux, D., 2005. Participatory Plant Breeding Methods for Organic Cereals: Review and Perspectives- In: International Congress on Organic Plant Breeding- 17-19 Jan 2005- Driebergen- NL.

PPB- Driebergen.pdf [180.19 kB]

Desclaux, D., Chiffoleau, Y., Dreyfus, F., Mouret, J.C., 2002. Cereal cultivars innovations adapted to organic production : a new Challenge. In : Proc. 1st International Symposium on Organic Seed Production and Plant Breeding (21-22 Nov.2002, Berlin).

berlin-resume.pdf [75.86 kB]

Mouret, J.C., Desclaux, D., Chiffoleau, Y., Dreyfus, F., 2002. Cereals for organic agriculture. In : 3rd International Temperate Rice Conference (March 10-14, 2003, Punta del Este, Uruguay).

Mouret-et-al.pdf [201.35 kB]

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